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Would it be made today?

was wondering if anybody thinks that the “Beetlejuice” cartoon would be made today, or if it’s too “un-PC.” I think it would NOT get made today, at least in the way we know and love, for one simple reason:

Lydia and Beetlejuice are friends.

That’s right, because Lydia and Beetlejuice are friends. In other words, I don’t think a little girl hanging out with a grown (if dead) man would sit well with a lot of paranoid American (emphasis on the “American”; in America parents love to blame TV, as we know) parents who are afraid of their daughters meeting dirty old men over the Internet for sex. I could easily see a network turning the show down for that reason. Cover their ass kind of thing.

Now let’s assume somehow that relationship was allowed to happen. I am willing to bet you that Beetlejuice would not be allowed to call Lydia “Babes.” Again, the Internet pedophile (or in this case, hebophile, since Lydia is an adolescent and not a pre-pubescent child) panic. Ever notice, too, how so many things are said in that show that could be easily twisted around? Beetlejuice, for example, tries in at least 2 episodes to get Lydia to cut school to hang out with him (and he brags in one episode that he cut school all the time as a kid—sometimes into little pieces!). He also said in one episode that he can’t live without her. And in another episode, she says, “I could kiss you!” and he leans forward in anticipation (brandishing beetles between his teeth). And I could make an even longer list, but I’m sure you fans know all of them.

So what do you guys think? Would the show be allowed to be made today? Would Lydia have to become a boy (we irrationally associate pedophiles/hebophiles as men preying on girls, never on boys, or never women preying on children)? If Lydia didn’t have to become a boy, would she still be affectionately called “Babes?”

What do you guys think? Personally, I think that it would not be made. All of these things would make the suits uneasy.

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I doubt they would make that, sadly.

But, if they did, I think a way they could get around it would be to have a new charecter. They'd have to have Lydia, of corse, but a kid could have found his way to the mirror. *shrugs* I'm not saying I'd be good but it would work.
I know this post was forever ago, but I just dropped in.

That makes a lot of sense, sadly. When I was a kid I really wanted to watch this cartoon but my mother said I wasn't allowed to. I didn't know why back then and I did sneak downstairs to watch some episodes from time to time and I loved what I saw. It was a funny, imaginative, and dark cartoon.

I didn't watch it again for years, and now I'm in my twenties and I just recently saw a few episodes again. Now that I've seen the show from what is basically my mother's point of view, I'm not surprised at all she didn't want me watching it. Of course that's not to say I don't love it (which I still do, hehe) but MAN, to think of what they got away with. I mean, Beetlejuice was hanging out with a young girl in her room with the door closed...*snicker* Whenever we had guys over at our house, it was rule that the doors would stay open. XD

I think nowadays they might have made Lydia older. And I'm sure the nicknames would have been history. Makes me wonder if they'll ever release the cartoon on DVD.
Oh man...this WOULD be made. It would air on Adult Swim or something, and be MUCH much darker. I mean, it was sophisticated enough back in the day, but imagine if you could get rid of that pesky "kid's show" label...Bj would probably get back some of his evil Keaton-ness, Lydia would be more goth...episodes dedicated to suicide and stuff...i hope they keep the cuteness too but...i love to see some real horror on that show.