bluebirdsinger (bluebirdsinger) wrote in bjcartoon,

BEetlejuice cartoon music video-

Here is a Beetlejuice cartoon music vid I made recently, I only had 2 clips to work with at the time (from Critter SItters and Skeletons in the closet) but I'm really happy with how it turned out:

File is only available for seven days on that server, so download while ya can! ^_~
hehe. The song is by the Backstreet Boys (whom i'm not particularly fond of however- this song fit with BJ so well~!)"Larger Than Life"
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I can't email the files because they're too large, but I can upload them to yousend it. I'll try to remember to do that soon.
Also, I recently discovered you can buy the episodes on cds from

Glad you like the video! I had fun making it :)
BJ is such a goofball, I love the part at the end where Lydia says " You're one of a kind...don't ever change!"
and he says "ok... I wont!" (implying his clothing) LOL theyre positively incredibly cute.