Mordax (overlord_mordax) wrote in bjcartoon,

Beetlejuice on AOL tv!

I turned on AIM this morning to have a beetlejuice ad flashed in my face for the first time in over a decade. It was the one and only time when I have ever been glad to see an AOL advertisement. Okay, so maybe AOL is evil, but I think we can all suffer a little evil for the sake of beetlejuice.

As of now they have about ten full 22 minute episodes:

The Big Face off/Skeleton in your clost
A dandy hand man/out of my mind
spooky tree/stage fright
laugh of the party
worm welcome
Bad Neighbor Beetlejuice
Pest O the west
bizzar bazzar/pat on the back
its the pits/poopsie
prince of the neitherworld
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