Mordax (overlord_mordax) wrote in bjcartoon,

Beetlejuice on AOL tv!

I turned on AIM this morning to have a beetlejuice ad flashed in my face for the first time in over a decade. It was the one and only time when I have ever been glad to see an AOL advertisement. Okay, so maybe AOL is evil, but I think we can all suffer a little evil for the sake of beetlejuice.

As of now they have about ten full 22 minute episodes:

The Big Face off/Skeleton in your clost
A dandy hand man/out of my mind
spooky tree/stage fright
laugh of the party
worm welcome
Bad Neighbor Beetlejuice
Pest O the west
bizzar bazzar/pat on the back
its the pits/poopsie
prince of the neitherworld
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I'm curious as to if these are still there..if they are, is it possible to ask you, or anyone, to post those to youtube..or upload them to comp says they're there, and I've all the right equipment to watch it, but it says it's not available for viewing in my area...whatever that means.

I'd appreciate this to no end! If it's not up anymore, thanks anyways for reading.